A Smooth Road

Writings previous
of life and love
have new meaning
each a part of the whole…
a picture complete

as I bask in life and love
reaffirm beliefs and give better understanding
that all things do
happen for a reason.

Having travelled a troubled road
filled with bumps and pot holes
the road now smooth
lined with all things good…
this road I will travel
into my sunset.



Road through flowers credit:


14 thoughts on “A Smooth Road

    • Congradulations on your nomination for this award! Thank you so much for nominating me. It is especially pleasing to be nominated for an award by one of my piers. I am so happy to know that my writings have meaning to others.
      I have fallen way behind in keeping up with wordpress replies; I am working on my cabin in Maine, which does take up considerable time. I will take care of the 7X7 items this week.

  1. It’s like we sometimes need reminding to stop a while and consider what we have done and where we have been and then connect all these things together to make a better meaning. That way we learn to recognise what has true value and what is just fools gold.

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