An Artificial World

Fingers reaching for the sky
a life cycle to behold
not different from our own
seed brings life, and life brings age
rings and wrinkles a testament.

A city of trees
nature’s example to us all
peoples as varied as the trees in the forest
as money and position are to people
are water, ground and sun to trees
not equally dispersed
not all will survive…
nature’s balance.

Water diverted from one place to another
some will thirst while others dry and wither
true of both people and plant.
Trees planted where none grew before
flourish off what was taken from others…
artificially supported, they live on borrowed time.

Man’s choices and actions…
man or tree, results are the same…
nature’s course altered…
an artificial world carries on.


4 thoughts on “An Artificial World

  1. Another outpouring of exceptional depth and insight from an extremely talented author.
    Every day dawns with anticipation of enjoying Steve’s newest posting.

  2. I was wondering about your book. This poem leaves me pondering. Trees are our Siamese twin but ruthlessly we cut them down. I have been living for two years in a floresta being cut down to feed a rich man’s greed. It is devastating for me to watch as these keepers of knowledge fall one by one and the animals scramble to find another home. Your poetry touches me. I going now to see if your book is available on Kindle as I live in a remote area and don’t have local access to books in English. Thanks you for sharing your life and poetry. hugs, pat

    • To a large degree, what man touches becomes an artificial world. Many do not know how to live with what we have been given. Money and wealth have replaced the Creator as the center of life for too many. A wonderful compliment that my words touch you… thank you!

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