From The Center Of Our Intimacy

She lay before me
exquisite in every detail.
My senses overwhelmed;
sight, smell, and touch
excite me.
I rush to taste the bounty
of her lips
and our tongues dance.

The sweetness of her neck
and smell of her skin
only serve to
deepen my hunger,
and I feel a passion
grow deep inside me.
I pray this is not a dream,
and I know how lucky I am
to be here with her.

Woman series #9

Woman series #9 (Photo credit: dhammza)

Her breasts are soft to the touch
and her nipples ample
as they take turns
adding fuel to my fire
pleasing my lips and tongue.
The softness and warmth
of her skin against mine;
I am intoxicated
wanting more.

I cannot stop
my desire to consume her.
I find her belly
to be soft
with a hint of salt,
her sweat
so sweet to the taste
compel me to continue on;
my hunger for her grows.

My lips find hers
and again my tongue dances;
so intimate and personal…
her pleasure my only thought.
I am fulfilled.
I am so blessed
to have something so beautiful
lay before me.
I am at peace.


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