I hear it in the far off distance…
a shiver runs through me.
I cannot see it yet…
but I know it is there.
I strain to see it
but it remains out of sight…
my anticipation grows.

My senses now fine-tuned
I strain to detect any sound
verifying its arrival.
Every crack of  a twig…
every snap of a branch…
no sound escapes un-noticed.

I feel as though I am going to explode.
The sounds now louder
I know it is ever so close
still… I cannot see it.
I know this sound…
I have heard it many times before
in the woods that surround my cabin.

Finally… it shows itself
jet black… slowly appearing
as if it were the sunrise.
I am pleased… knowing
these next few days
will be well worth the wait.

She has made her presence known
and I will take great care
to ensure this encounter is
as memorable as all before it.

The black body now closer, I see it carrying…
my friend, my lover, my partner.
Knowing what this time together brings
a smile comes to me.
I am whole once again.


6 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. I love the photo of the driveway with the poem!!!!! Wish the car had been coming up it. The poem is another outstanding work, Steve. You are so talented.

  2. Love the anticipation of your poem. Ah, I remember a tiny cabin the the floresta with a huge fireplace, a mountain view sunrise, and days of quiet contemplation mixed with laughter, love and great food. Thanks for triggering that happy memory. Your poetry is clear, moving, and powerful. I like that. hugs, pat

    • I’m very happy you are enjoying my poems. It is very pleasing to me that they can trigger fond memories for you. I can not think of a better compliment for a writer. Thank you!!! Likewise, I also enjoy your words. Keep your fingers on the computer!! 🙂


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