Reminders of her everywhere
she has left me…
each one found
bringing smiles and remembrances
and thoughts of things to come.

Food and drink…
I recall the weekend spent.
Sights and sounds remembered…
I cannot help but smile.
At night… the lingering scent of her
pleases me as I fade to sleep.

I am a lucky man
her to have.


6 thoughts on “Reminders

      • Is this Pat the subject of your poem? I always like movies with happy endings. If you still savor her scent and she reads your poetry, can the story have a different ending? Beautiful poem. hugs, other pat

      • Too many Pats! 🙂 I have written 19 poems about my Pat, some of which include Patricia, A Smooth Road, Reminders, Our Autumn, and Anticipation. “For Patrice” was in response to a post on someone else’s blog. My Pat reads all my poetry, and posts comments about it. My book “Anthology Of A One-Sided Love Affair” was about a woman I had feelings for since 1965. When the opportunity to try to establish a relationship with her presented itself, I went for the gold… she went for the one-night-stand. It was a very good thing, or I would not be with my Pat now. No different ending as we are both very happy. Thank you for your comment on the poem. Just so I can keep all the Pats straight… can I refer to you as Pat #2. 😀


      • No! you may not call me Pat #2 as I am never #2 in anyone’s life. 🙂 I got your book and read part of it today so think I have the picture of the women in your life. Actually, I enjoyed reading the poems and how you have them arranged as it was quite revealing. Hugs, Patricia of the Floresta

      • Okay… Pat of the Floresta. 🙂 A very nice ring to it! Thanks for getting my book; it has been a long road for me to get where I am. Life is learning. I am enjoying this conversation with you… when I see a response from you it makes me smile. I glad you are enjoying the book.

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