Goodbye My Winter Friend

The late winter winds strain
as they push and pull tree tops
shaking off the winter coat
awakening them from their sleep…
their life blood soon to flow.

Like line-dancers…
a few starting, then more joining in
creating a wave of movement…
trees swaying in sync
as the wind plays dancing tunes.

The white blanket disappearing
will give way to new growth
as all prepare to turn
different shades of green
and winter to become a distant memory.


11 thoughts on “Goodbye My Winter Friend

  1. I love your poem with its great word pictures, but I still prefer the tropics. Lived in snow country for many years but remained a barefoot gal at heart. hugs, pat

      • You are a brave soul. I never want to see that white stuff again and certainly don’t want to walk barefoot in it. My feet are always cold as it is. But Maine is very special for sure. Won’t trade your for the rain forest and fresh picked bananas though. BTW, the orchids are blooming here. lol, hugs, pat

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    • I’m glad you liked the poem… poetry is new to me, much different than technical writing. I’m having a lot of fun as I learn to let myself go. I appreciate the shares. Thank you. 🙂

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