Time Apart

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass ...

Alternative version of image:Wooden hourglass 2.jpg. Wooden hourglass. Total height:25 cm. Wooden disk diameter: 11.5 cm. Running time of the hourglass: 1 hour. Hourglass in other languages: 'timglas' (Swedish), 'sanduhr' (German), 'sablier' (French), 'reloj de arena' (Spanish), 'zandloper' (Dutch), 'klepsydra' (Polish), 'pΕ™esΓ½pacΓ­ hodiny' (Czech), 'ampulheta' (Portugese). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time apart… passes so slowly…
as hours and days are counted
my mind not kept busy
time stops.

Wrestless at night
she is not here
morning bringing a new count
as time passes slowly…
cold molasses through the hour glass.

time together… as
molasses turns to water
making time pass so quickly
two days become one… and she is gone.

Dreams of the time
the hour glass no longer plays…
hours and days become weeks and months
and months turn into years.


16 thoughts on “Time Apart

  1. You’ve done it once again. Although you wrote this poem a few months ago, it still takes my breath away. Your talent astounds and amazes me, as well as filling me with pride that you write them about us. Love you, Babe.

  2. I see you’re ex-USAF. I’m ex-RN so I know how slow that time apart passes and much it races when you’re together. I suppose we just have to treasure every moment together with our loved ones. Good poem. I know where it’s coming from.

    Hey, wait a minute – you and Cynthia an item?


      • Congratulations on your book! Did you self publish or were fortunate to obtain a publisher? Keep penning those thoughts! I’m busier with our new puppy, but will read as often as I can. If only I could quit work and blog full-time! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. I self published through Xlibris… a fun experience. I have since found other options which I’ll explore… half way through my next book… more poetry. Hope are having lots of fun with the pup.

      • You’re welcome and I’d like to try that someday, just haven’t taken the time to research! Copper is adorable and doing well in the first two days…baby steps! πŸ™‚

  4. Time apart is always difficult……. but when two people share their hopes and dreams and are truly connected – soul, spirit, love……..it make the time pass quickly and with such anticipation of the time spent together, not matter the length. πŸ™‚

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