My Love Is Like A Tree

The weekend done
I leave her
driving home…
the two – hour drive
a constant smile affixed.

Sharing food; and wine
mouth to mouth
so sensual… so pleasing
sunlight and rain showers to me
as my emotions and feelings grow.

So deep… the roots of love
firmly anchored
like the roots of a great tree
conquering all before it
each loving act…they grow yet stronger.



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10 thoughts on “My Love Is Like A Tree

  1. From our first moments together, the mutual weaving of our roots began….cautiously…..timidity caused by pockets of apprehension from past memories. Quickly those pockets emptied, dissolved with the realization that we were meant to be. Our roots continue to interlace steadily and firmly, taking comfort in the multitude of feelings transferred now that we are one.
    Love you, Babe. xoxo Pat

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