Ashes to Ashes


Brasas! (Photo credit: eliazar)

Like the Sphinx
rising from the dead
a friendship rekindles
from the smoldering ashes of long ago
left unattended.

The warmth from the flames
feels different
from where each stands
heating each
in a different way.

The fire burns me
and I react swiftly
and in haste
I stir up all
that she does not want.

forest fire smoke

forest fire smoke (Photo credit: LizMarie_AK)

She pulls away
for I am on fire
and shower her
with smoke and ash…
I have smothered her.

She sends me away
to save herself from the flames
that I must extinguish
before she will let me
see her again.

Many weeks have passed;
the flames subsided
yet the risk is ever present
that even a small breeze
could the ashes re-ignite.

With caution
I engage her
to trust me
that I will not
offend her senses.

Feelings and emotions
so strong
as to make these weeks
without her
feel like a lifetime.


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