Nudes in Wiesbaden, Germany

Nudes in Wiesbaden, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She asks me why I love her
and what I see in her
and I smile;
such riches in one
is a rare thing.

If I could build a woman,
a partner to be
complete in all things important
I would love her
for she would be my living dream.

A mind
filled with knowledge
with skill to engage
in meaningful conversation.
Open, honest, and sincere;
such fertile ground on which to grow.
Serious and funny balance each other.
With many interests
both large and small things pleasing.
Family ties not to be broken;
blood, as important as air and water.
Face, hair, and body
so perfect to me.
It is my dream in living flesh.

This dream is not new
and I have tried to fit
women into this pre-cast mold;
but when the excitement of newness
fell by the wayside
the dream remained unfilled…
there is an emptiness in me.

But she has lived for many years
in my most inner sanctums;
a pourage of heart, emotion, and feelings
seasoned by all things important…
a feast of mind and body
feeding mind and body.
How can I not love her?


12 thoughts on “Why

  1. As you mentioned earlier today, my Love, you could have and would have written this about us, as it rings more true with our relationship than the previous in both cases. xoxox

    • Thank you Dean. I wish I could get better control of the creative juices… I can’t sit and force myself to write; all of a sudden things just start flowing. Any advice on how to help control the flow?

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