In The Safety Of His Room

The safety of the unborn
in the unborn’s tiny room,
all that’s needed to survive
is in the mother’s womb.

But nature has to take its course
and soon the time is here;
with much distress and coldness
mother’s womb must disappear.

Now in this world of bright lights
and many goings-on,
many lessons to be learned
as life goes marching on.

burning a candle at both ends

burning a candle at both ends (Photo credit: MayaEvening)

Expectations from the parents
many challenges from friends,
expectations from the teachers;
burn the candle at both ends.

A new job and another
with bills that must be paid,
and moving yet another time
many decisions to be made.

Successes can be many,
and friendships far and wide.
The closest of the close
are standing firmly at your side.

And business efforts bring rewards
many others would desire,
but with rewards come feelings
taken advantage of and tired.

With life comes many feelings
some good and some are bad,
the good ones make you happy
the bad ones make you sad.

As when in mother’s belly
what was needed was right there.
The things that bring much comfort
in this room are everywhere.

So he seeks to find security
of long ago in mother’s womb.
He finds his sanctuary
in the safety of his room.



Pregnant woman credit:×787.jpg

Fetal position credit:


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