Our nightly routine begun
she and I the architects… it is cast in stone
something neither want to change.

We sit, close together… sharing wine or port
as a movie unfolds before us.
My mind wanders, as I look ahead
knowing what the evening will bring…
a peaceful feeling envelopes me.

It is time…
we slip into bed… embracing…
she offers me her favours, and I accept.
In return, I please her until
she is ready to accept me…
our passion grows… then… in one final moment
our bodies explode
leaving both empty… yet completely fulfilled.

Our bodies entangled… we fade to sleep.
My last thoughts…
that I can give so much pleasure
to she who pleases me so much.


10 thoughts on “Rituals

    • I really appreciate your comments. When I started writing intimate poetry, I was worried about offending others. I decided I wanted mine to be about truth… my truth… what I feel and think. I’m pleased you like it. Where’s your’s? 😀

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