Life Salvaged

Once alive
with emotion, intimacy, and activity
the relationship has run its course
and like a worn out vehicle
it sits in a salvage yard
showing signs of the years
of neglect.

Voices, woman-like and mechanical
soft, smooth, full of life and energy
sweet sounds to the ear,
having brought pleasure and excitement
have given way with time
to coughs and sputters;
foreign languages to me.

The touch and smell of a new partner
excite the senses like
the touch and smell of a new car.
Arms and legs like leather seats
surround you,
each sexy in their own way,
not used for so long
have forgotten their purpose…
no comfort to be found.

New surfaces, skin and metal
accented with beads of moisture,
a thing of beauty,
no longer shimmer in the light;
both covered, clothing or rust
the luster hidden
not to be revealed.

Both woman and machine;
once bustling with activity and use
bringing happiness to all
inseparable and dependent sit idle,
both with limited use
happy in their unstrained life
grow weeds and spider webs
giving testament
to their newfound purpose.

Time, a healer
has become a divider
each partner going their own way;
so much to repair
I do not have
the energy or desire to rebuild.

The relationship like the vehicle
both beyond repair
sit in salvage
waiting for another
to come and pick pieces…
something new to be built
a new partnership made.
Our lives go on.

Woman in car:×415.jpg
Car wash:


21 thoughts on “Life Salvaged

  1. Sometimes when our lives crumble, we wonder why – but then again, the pieces allow us to build something new…and we build with hope and cement it with love.

    Well presented Steve – all the best, Eric

    • Exactly! Many of my poems are about my life. Some are about the busts, others are about the relationship I am in now. I believe we have to have a wrench thrown in the works now and again to help us better cherrish the good times. I also believe everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t be whrer I am noe if I hadn’t have gone through the fire. I am very happy now. Thank you for your comments and good wishes. 🙂

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