He’s Lost His Mind (Original plus 5-7-5))

My first Haiku.

My neck burns…
Something I ate?
Dizzy now, the room starts to swirl.
I see a flash
and turn my head quickly.
A thump… I see the blade
and my headless body falling.

My neck feels a burning
A flash of steel accented with red
I look up… body falling.

ericalaganfanclub… thanks for sparking my interest in this type of writing!


8 thoughts on “He’s Lost His Mind (Original plus 5-7-5))

  1. Nice one :D…I have been learning Haiku here and there. But have never really gotten the hang of it..yours is a little bit long though..aren’t the styles and sounds standardised or it doesn’t matter?

    • Thanks Vee… I don’t know much about them. Eric had challenged folks to write them about horror, limited to 33 words. Don’t know if they’re supposed to be shorter as a rule. ‘~’

      • No wonder the theme is so dark all the best with the challenge.
        Usually it follows the 5-7-5 order. It concentrates more on the sound. But guess as long as the words limit is met, then it’s fine. Am still learning 😉

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