Hope and Dreams

So perfect to me
as she compliments
who and what I am,
her life choices
and things pleasing to her
echoes of myself…
we are but one.

Willing she is
to try new things
that time we have together,
a life’s adventure
waits before me,
her at my side
and I at hers.

I stop to take full measure
but cannot fully grasp
her effect on me…
stronger each day
my feelings for her
so pleasing to me
my hopes and dreams fulfilled.


12 thoughts on “Hope and Dreams

  1. Again, beautiful expression of finding that someone special for forever! Just a typo note, Steve, 3rd line, last verse, should be “the effect” not “he effect?” I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out; I would want them pointed out on my writing, too… 🙂

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