I Left Behind

I left behind…
crowds and traffic, pollution and noise
unruly gang-bangers with their gang-banger toys
long lines at markets, long lines at lights
long lines for parking, long lines day and night
gun play each evening, graffiti and more
I left for the country, my sanity to restore.
Now peace and quiet, with hills and with trees
my ears are enjoying the brooks and the breeze
spring brings the greens, they last all summer long
colors are showing when fall comes to town
and winter’s white blanket covering the ground…
peace I have searched for… tranquility I found.


21 thoughts on “I Left Behind

      • Well, I’m actually still “in” but have made the escape before and love it. My family loves the outdoors…camping, hiking, backpacking. After awhile, turning off technology and enjoying the brooks and the breeze is a necessity! 🙂 Enjoy your time!

      • Thanks… I do. What part of the country are you in? I’m in northern ME now. Have spent much time in NH, hiking in the White Mountains, and just left AZ after 25 years… taught desert survival there. I feel like I’m reborn when I’m in the mountains.

    • Thank you Nikhil. I really didn’t grasp the effect moving from the city to the country would have on me until I had been in the country for several months…all the chaos came together in one picture when I was talking with a friend about national and international events, and it struck me how uncomplicated my life had become, and how stress free and happy I was.

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m in the US on the west coast; have lived in the desert, but prefer trees, lots of them. My hubby’s mantra is “hug a tree!” We love lakes, rivers and the mountains, but the ocean is very tranquil, too. We like swimming in fresh water now , though, as opposed to salt water….
    Lauren 🙂

    • The desert is beautiful, but after a while, it gets old… always the same drab green. In Phoenix, we din’t get much rain, so there were only a few short weeks where you got much color. I’m a tree guy too… missed them when in AZ. Lakes, rivers, and mountains… you are speaking my language. The ocean is nice, but I also prefer rivers and lakes.

  2. Steve, I long for what you are doing. While I live on a coastal, private island, surrounded by long vistas of marsh, I’m imprisoned by my work which locks up my happiness. If I could figure out the economics, sell it all and retire to the country, I would do it tomorrow. My spouse agrees with me. I would not undo the previous years, but now it occurs to me that my choices as a 20 year old student, deeply impacted my life choices at this point. Keep sharing in poetry and prose how you got where you are and charting how you did it.

    • It sounds like a wonderful place where you live! I know what you mean by being a prisoner of your work. But it’s that, plus everything else you have done up to now that will help you get to the point where you can make that move. I started on my quest when I was 18. The Air Force career, jobs I had in the Air Force, working as a park ranger, volunteer fireman, volunteer desert search unit member, teaching outdoor survival, working as a handyman, and more, were all steps to get me the $ and knowledge to do this. I traded $ for happiness. When I had enough cash to by the land and put a 12 x 32 cabin on it, I did. I live off my retirement. Not much, but enough to make me happy, plus I have Pat in my life now. A long road, but worth all the bumps. Never give up your dream… it is a great one! 😀

      • Ah, Steve–after a day / week such as I’ve had, I would love to retire now…I’m not to the point where I have a retirement…though at 55+ I *should* be getting there soon…but soon will probably be 70+.

      • Keep pluggin’ away. 🙂 If I had waited to retire, I’d be more financially secure… just couldn’t take the city life any more. You’re on an island, so you should be free of a lot of the BS… that’s definately worth something.

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