Finally Home

A long road travelled
many stops along the way
each one offering a new road to travel
on life’s roadmap.

Each choice, a new road selected
a one-way street with no turning back.
Choices good… a smooth road;
choices bad… pot holes and dust
always more choices to be made
good or bad unknown.

I have travelled many miles… my road bringing
rainbows as well as black of night,
blue sky offset with gray,
full belly with hunger pangs familiar,
sunshine better than the cold,
happy and outgoing challenged by depression,
fancy free replaced by obligations demanding.
Always searching for the best in life…

Finally I am home.


14 thoughts on “Finally Home

    • Thanks. Tough Mudder was a blast! A hard course, 10 miles, 26 obstacles… very wet, cold, and muddy. It wasn’t a race, but a personal challenge. Between Saturday and Sunday, there were 17,700 pre-registered participants, plus those who signed up the days of the event. Will do more. Ya… I like physical challenges. 😀

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