The Final Question

NaPoWriMo Day 7

History of other countries denied.
We are a nation lost.
We give all we have away.
We cannot bear the cost.

People say it cannot happen here.
We keep our eyes closed tight.
This was the land of the free.
For ourselves we will not fight.

Votes are bought with promised lies.
Only our individual desires count.
Corporations give “reps” red carpet rides.
And disasters continue to mount.

Our Freedoms are now regulated.
Freedoms replaced with issued rights.
People beg for safety in their lives.
Our leaders exempted from the strife.

Success is rewarded with destructive taxing.
Drug users get their habit paid.
More people become unemployed.
New jobs no longer made.

Our people now much less safe.
Criminals protected, they pay no price.
Statutes created just to tax the people.
No injury running red lights.

The country seems to melt away.
From a Republic to the reverse.
Time to fix all that has been broken.
Can we survive what is clearly perverse?


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