Mr. Hyde Where Are You

NaPoWriMo Day 9

Slipping out into the alley… unnoticed
shadows providing places to hide
the smog as thick as split-pea soup
with colors diminished from thick air
and steam from the manhole covers rise.

Street lights broken direct my path
doorways and stairwells become my friends
adrenaline surges; my awareness heightened
what went unheard has become screams
back of my neck hair stands on its ends.

Ahead movement gives my quarry’s position
unaware he’s changed from perpetrator to vic
distance closing as I maneuver in close
my blade I’ll use to make things right
between his ribs my knife I stick.

The debt paid in full such a price to pay
blood flows freely on the cold damp road
adorned with garbage from nearby trash cans
as shadows protect me while I slip away
revenge achieved following family code.

Now back into normal life routine
not a single bead of sweat did I lose
my conscience clear as the wind-driven rain
washing away thoughts from things that I do
I’m happy living the life that I choose.


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