A Farewell to (Your) Arms

NaPoWriMo Day 10

Sleep comes quickly because of you
gone, my mind is at rest
as pleasant thought again visits me
as I slumber . And…
morning coffee and muffins again
something to enjoy
unspoiled by your venomous words.

I miss coming home being unable
to find things that have been buried
under the clutter you so embrace.
No longer unidentifiable critters grow
in the laboratory of a refrigerator…
nor do uninvited guests scurrying about
feasting on the greasy counters
infest my midnight snack.

I am so grateful to you…
you have brought happiness to my life
by leaving it, and I hope
you find happiness
as you fumble through your daily routine
doing the one thing you do best…
absolutely nothing.


9 thoughts on “A Farewell to (Your) Arms

    • What made me think of it was a neighbor I had years ago. The worst cockroach infestation I have ever seen. I was the maintenance man, so I had to clean up the apartment when he vacated. It was so bad, I had to dismantle furniture and throw it away to help prevent spreading the critters.

  1. Oh by the way I found your blog through Eric Alagan’s…your comment on his ‘Boss’ haiku about men drinking made me laugh out loud… 🙂

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