Welcome to the Abyss

NaPoWriMo Day 12

Trust earned by actions taken
with fairness and consideration
given to all deserving;
preserving all freedoms secured
written in the blood of our forefathers
and defended for generations;

Sacred, the oath taken
as one takes the place as leader
a country’s worth of trust
placed at your feet
with expectations you would do right
and reject temptations of corruption.

Preserving our customs and heritage in total
protecting our lands from foreign invaders
and our foreign service members from harm
leaving no rock unturned investigating heinous acts
against our representatives overseas
sharing truth with those you serve.

Communicating with humility with those you serve
putting their interests and concerns
ahead of your own and those of your benefactors
ensuring the stability of the people’s money system
giving jobs in our homeland to Americans
forcing foreign workers to find work elsewhere.

Using rationale rather than emotional thought
to direct your efforts in fixing those things broken
and not reinventing the wheel, an expensive proposition
causing more efficient and effective commerce
within various industries crucial
giving all security and prosperity.

Mr. President…
the complete opposite of who and what you are.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Abyss

  1. No words from me to express how perfect your words are. This really is a beautiful thought imbedded into an ugly thing. Thanks for this, it is nice to know their are people like yourself in our Republic.

    • Thank you! There are many like us, but not all are able or willing to let it all hang out. I’ve already paid a price for my positions and actions. If I’m on the #%^ list I may as well hunker down and keep fighting the fight. Very happy to have met another!

      • Likewise, pleased to make your acquaintance. I work very hard to get a good seat in the front of the bus going to the re-education centers of course. I would never forgive myself if I fall short in this simple task given me. It is nice to meet another of like mind indeed.

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