I am Conventum Corrigere

NaPoWriMo Day 14

Danger is my ally
as I do your, the people’s, work
holding those in charge to an old
but forgotten level of honor.
I break into their chambers, undetected
reading their secrets and discovering
the backdoor deals and sellouts
as they manipulate laws to their

Making changes unknown to them
their collaborations a plague upon mankind
their policy not to read what is voted on
they become victims of their own deceit
squirming as they realize
they have fallen prey
to their own tactics
and become one of us… the unwashed.

New blood
untarnished from the poison of treason
taking seats vacated
by the holders of unspeakable acts
bringing with them honor and truth
doing once again your, the people’s, work
the canker of progressiveness foiled…
My work is done.


8 thoughts on “I am Conventum Corrigere

    • I wish all the shenanigans would stop, our reps would do the right thing… work for their constituents, and get us all back on the right road. We need simplicity and love for each other.

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