And So it Starts Again

NaPoWriMo Day 22

White blankets now gone
and green now showing its triumphant return
black earth beckons
as we sort through seeds that will feed us this fall
bees making their presence known
our plan to feed them through spring and summer
as they reap what we sow
and help us reap what we have sewn in later months
a cycle as old as time
a cycle which ties us to the land we watch over.


4 thoughts on “And So it Starts Again

  1. As always your Poetry seems to calm me…it makes me relax and think about how minute and meaningless everything negative is.

    You have a very tranquil way when you compose your poetry, I absouletly love it!

    • Thank you Shane! Wasn’t always this way. I had to take a rough trip down the depression superhighway to understand what is important, and what is not. I’m enjoying life so much more now, keeping my eyes open for things I used to overlook… simplicity in life.

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