Some People Just Don’t Know When to Quit

NaPoWriMo Day 25

To the tune of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

Went hiking one day down old Grand Canyon way
I must have been suicidal
the boulders and brush proved to be way too much
wished I had my butt in a saddle.

The pathway was steep and the river was deep
took three hours to reach the bottom
three toenails were lost, only part of the cost
my feet felt like rigor mortem.

My boots were brand new, my feet felt like goo
my legs, they just quit a workin’
cramps wrapped me in pain as the clock ticked away
nine more miles uphill I was facin’.

The water we’d brought was gone every drop
three miles to get to a spigot
my back was so sore from the backpacking chore
thought they’d carry me out in a casket.

It was nine hours more ‘for I saw the front door
where food and drink was awaitin’
it was all I could do to untie my boots
due to cramps and all of the bleedin’.

The drive back home was a miracle I know
my clutch was a seventy-five pounder
a five hour drive and I was barely alive
as we rolled to the hacienda.

For three days and three nights I was a terrible fright
couldn’t walk or negotiate stairways
my frame of mind must be one-of-a-kind
I’m thinkin’ of doing a replay.


12 thoughts on “Some People Just Don’t Know When to Quit

    • It was an awesome hike! The view from down inside the canyon is absolutely incredible! It was worth every blister, cramp, lost toe nail. If the opportunity came my way again… I would do it!

    • I had to do the hike in one day… down the South Kaibab, and up the Bright Angel. If you do that, make sure you break your boots in first, and bring a crap load of water. LOL Hope you get a chance to do it.

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