Oh… to Be an Elected Official

From my little rant “I’m Up to My Ears with This” posted in Steve Halls Thoughts.

Steak and lobster; Champaign and wine
$100.00 cigars to blow smoke all the time.
Trips to wherever, whenever they want
taxpayer’s dollars always ready to flaunt,
Votes for a jet ride, war chests full of gold
wanting baby cell miracles so they never grow old.
Golf on the weekends, banquets to attend
break laws without fear … their colleagues defend.


14 thoughts on “Oh… to Be an Elected Official

  1. You know Steve,

    Simply reading your post makes me tired and worn out.

    I need a holiday in the Bahamas and am not prepared to take any miserable first class flight – what with all that waiting in posh CIP lounges – Sigh! No, sir, I need a private jet to whisk me there and some nice shapely assistants to help me light my Cubans and massage away all the aches and pains.

    You have no idea how difficult it is to be your leader – all the fine wining and dining – why, my doctors say it’s taking a toll on my life. I’m a candle – lighting up your lives while sacrificing mine.

    But don’t worry, I’ll still be working on improving the lives of all you nice folks who voted for me.

    James! Cancel that golf holiday, we’re going to the Bahamas!

    Absolutely, no idea what brought this on 🙂

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