Our Roadmap

Our life continues down the roadmap We have drawn…
We control where we go and what we do;
sometimes putting temporary roadblocks in the way
of where We want to be, decisions made that put us on
a scenic tour of life where we can experience
things we otherwise would not.

Roadblocks we sometimes choose call for sacrificing our timetable
yet making another’s time so much more valuable, as
we have much time left, where others do not.

We have been on this side trip for only a few short miles, but
for me, it has let me experience many miles of life…
enriching; satisfying; bringing me a new dear friend who
I will keep alive in my thoughts as time wears on.

As Pat and I continue down Our road negotiating chosen roadblocks
and living with the consequences of our choices
we build momentum to carry us
down many more miles of Our life.


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