Oh Hell

Well, I’m already behind due to internet problems, now I’ll be down until sometime Monday… the dog chewed the end off the charging cord for the computer. Need to run to town for a replacement plug.


9 thoughts on “Oh Hell

  1. Okay, I can only laugh at your post, Steve, then at Eric’s comment and your reply. And this is because I can relate…we adopted our dog, Copper, over a year ago and he’s still in the chewing phase. To the point where we really can’t leave any valuable patio stuff in the back yard. I hear labs mellow out between 2-5 years old. He’s 2 1/2, and something tells me we might as well hold 5 in our brains, just so we won’t be disappointed! Anyway, we love him, though, and he’s awesome in every other way. So, onward, and wishing you lots of luck! Cheers to our canines, too!
    Lauren 🙂

      • What kind of dog is he? I love the name Spencer. Copper came with his name because of his coloring, which fits him perfectly. I’m sure you’ve already seen pics of him! 🙂 They do complete our lives, for sure!

      • Spencer’s a golden retriever; a digger, nibbler, furniture eater, chaser, barker… you know, all the things we don’t want them to be. LOL I can’t remember if I’ve seen pictures of Copper; between here, FB, and e-mails, I’ve seen hundreds of pictures. Post one. 😀

      • Went and checked the “In Style” post… I do remember seeing it. Nice looking dog! My computer problems sometimes keep me from commenting as I loose connection often. I’ve lost connection a couple times tonight, but have been able to reconnect quickly for a change.

      • Thanks for taking the time, Steve, and for your Copper complement! He seems like a horse around here, even though there are bigger dogs…it’s good you were able to reconnect, too! Have a good rest of the night!

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