I look deep into my mind’s eye
a cauldron of all things past
a cauldron of all things to come
and a shiver runs down my spine.
The game never changes
only the players differ
and the outcome is always the same.
The keystones that have supported
all we hold dear being removed
one stone at a time…
and our foundation is ready to falter;
such a monument to what has been
and what could continue to be for
all who are willing to be a part;
only the self-chosen cannot
stand to have less than all
and will destroy all they cannot have.

What will people a thousand years from now
think of us; who had everything,
yet didn’t have enough, leaving only remnants
as pieces to the puzzle, and the question
is always the same…



8 thoughts on “Why

  1. Good question, Steve, and well written, too! I am following you, but am not receiving your posts. So I un-followed and re-followed and hope that will correct the problem. I’m having this issue with many I follow…anyway, I’ll play catchup and thanks for your visits, as well!

    • Thanks Lauren. Hope the follow thing gets all straightened out. My problem is internet or computer based… most of the time I can’t stay connected for more than a few minutes at a time. ‘~’ Keep the good stuff coming!

      • These tech issues are enough to drive us crazy, aren’t they? Hang in there and I hope yours are resolved soon, too, and thanks so much for your kind words. I can say the same about your writing, as well!

      • I was almost ready to chew the charge cord myself! The possibility of having my teeth welded together made me rethink that. And thanks for your kind words!

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