Each wrinkle, a testament to a life’s lesson
some hard learned… their wrinkles reminders
as they serve notice of the value
of their owner’s life experiences.

Each physical scar has its own story
a careless moment, a brush with death
more than a conversation piece
rather a piece of history.

Wrinkles and scars telling a life’s story…
so many wanting to erase the visual signs
that tell so much, and beckon questions
of those who have paved the way.

I wear my wrinkles and scars proudly
letting nature runs its course…
like roadside signs, they advertise
a warehouse of things old and valuable.


9 thoughts on “Derm-atology

    • Thank you Melanie! I could never figure out why so many try to make themselves into something different than they are. When I first met my partner, I told her to dress like she does on a Saturday afternoon, not how she thinks I would like to see her dressed. I did the same… 2 peas in a pod!

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