Living For the Moment

Living for the moment…
too young to realize how choices and actions then
could or would affect my life later.
Like a magnet the outdoors pulled on me
physically and mentally I was its prisoner
my thoughts and energies its slave.

Not important what I was doing outdoors
just being there made me feel at home;
summer and winter hiking and camping
in the White Mountains of New Hampshire,
water skiing, fishing, or swimming in lakes and rivers,
walking five miles to go horseback riding…
this magnet so strong capturing my thoughts
as I sat in school classrooms… daydreaming.

Expanding on my outdoors love affair I taught
outdoor survival to Air Force pilots
attending survival schools to improve my skills,
then teaching survival for state and county agencies;
all the time the magnet pulling harder.

I have finally come full circle…
no longer sitting in classrooms daydreaming;
no longer teaching or attending classes;
I live in the country
applying those things I spent a lifetime learning.

And as our way of life slips away
giving way to the takers and elite controllers
I have all I need…
a good woman, water, shelter, food,
friends I can rely on, and who can rely on me…
my life goes on unhindered…
living for the moment.


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