A Tracing

Tree tops following
the curves of the ground
leaving no hill or crevice untouched
so complete its work
as if a sheet covering the ground
a tracing so exact…
tree tops to her… my hands.


6 thoughts on “A Tracing

  1. Wow! I love this one, Steve.

    My interpretation – yes, once you release a poem, we the readers, own it – my interpretation is “My Hands” would make it the Hands of God, always blessing “her” (your lovely wife).

    What a truly spiritual shade to walk under, I marvel.


    • Thank you Eric. Since starting this blog, I’ve really been able to open up. Having people enjoy my efforts really makes it all worth while. Your interpretation is half of it. The other half is me appreciating what has been given me, and showing her how much I love having her in my life.

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