Life Made Better

The twelve days…
not of Christmas, but time spent together
as we travel Maine to Florida, then Kentucky and home
our first journey…

Too many words needed
to express how I feel…
a single word insufficient.
I still bask in the memories of our trip
knowing each new venture
will bring us even closer.

Friends and family, dinner and wine
enhanced by her presence
all good things in life
made better.


2 thoughts on “Life Made Better

  1. You folks had a marvellous trip – I can relate to this, if I might add.

    For me, nothing beats going on a drive of discovery with loved ones in the car – and unlike most men – I do ask for directions when lost – usually after a few hours of getting lost 🙂

    Some street directories are never updated – that’s my excuse.

    I don’t believe in sharing the car with a second woman – you know the one who lives in that GPS gadget 🙂

    • LOL! A few years back my mom, brother, 3 sisters, 2 inlaws, and I ended up in Oregon for my mom’s 85th birthday. We took 2 cars to go on a day tour. On the way back the women were in one car, and men in the other… men in the lead. Yup… we got lost. On our way out we entered the freeway on the northbound side… there was no corresponding exit on the return trip. From there it was circles and missed turns for about 30 minutes. We took the road map, and wrote an alternative key, with the gals initials on it. All had a great laugh over that one.

      I’m with you on the GPS. If the damn thing breaks, how do you figure to get back?

      Ever driven in Boston, MA? Many streets don’t have street signs. If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, you ain’t gonna get there.

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