I Bid You Farewell

Internal functions failing
I feel ill unable to fix the damage
it has been so long, I feel as though
my very essence is disintegrating.

Infections waging war with each other
wreaking havoc on those parts of me
left hanging on for their very survival
I know I have little time left
not being fully consumed yet,
and unable to stop the process.

All parts making up the whole
have turned on each other
each one grabbing whatever it can
taking away from the rest
unwilling to see the consequences…
nothing left for the whole
the whole is vanquished
and the individual parts
scramble to grab
whatever scraps of sustenance are left to be found
before they must reap what they have sewn.

It was a wonderful existence…
at least until the early 1900’s
when the first viruses were injected
into my blood stream;
a slow and often invisible process taking place
ravaged beyond repair
I will take my place in history…
an experiment gone awry;
a country lost
as history once again repeats itself.

Will they ever learn?


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