Dreary Setting

In response to a prompt from clownponders.wordpress.com

Cold and wet walk down the aisle
a perfect marriage of discomfort
as dark angry clouds send
large cold drops catching all
who dare to challenge
chilling everything to the bone,
loud crisp booms of thunder
rattle the brain and
magnesium white bolts burn eyes.

Sanctuary compromised…
dampness permeates bedding,
the tattered cat hair covered coat
laying on the worn out couch
an unpleasant option
and the large branch scrapes across
the corrugated metal roof
while dancing the jitter-bug
to the never-ending wind-song.

Burnt pizza remnants on oven walls
a reminder of bills unpaid…
no forgiveness, no heat, no hot water
as bare wood floors befriend the elements
turning a cold shoulder
and the smell of damp dirty laundry
accompanied by an over full litter box
and the pungent smell of days old garbage
offends the senses.


10 thoughts on “Dreary Setting

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