Good Eats

Labored breathing
damp clothes wrap your body in a tight suit
sticking to your skin
making movement difficult
and eyes burn from sweat
as dirt jams itself under your nails.

Forty pound buckets of water carried
two at a time, heavy
as the sun tries its best
to drop you where you stand…
relief comes in seeing the results
of your months long efforts.

Asparagus, two more years for yield
peas and carrots picked from the field
sauces made from garlic and ‘maters
last year’s blight doomed this year’s ‘taters
zucchini quiche and mixed squash dishes
green beans fill bean casserole wishes
brussel sprouts with herbs for good measure
light salads from lettuces… such a pleasure
more to tell but my mouth is now drooling
it’s dinner time; no I’m not fooling!


9 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Okay, now I know why I do my hobby farming at the cold storage 🙂

    Hey, but if you enjoy it – go for it, I say.

    We all have our phobias I suppose. I can wash a roomful of crockery – but drying? Nah! The wife is happy – she handles the drying – drip drying. I think I got the short one on that 🙂

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