Karma Dictates

I see the madness all around
Both here and far away
Life’s become commodity
While politicians play
Death, destruction entertain
Some live that morbid truth
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

So many hate and don’t know why
Blindly sowing pain
Come the fall with garden ripe
There’s nothing that’s been gained
Believers of another faith
The poison arrow loosed
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

Live your life let others be
Don’t rock the boat to hard
Throw rocks at neighbors and you’ll find
Rocks in your own back yard
Infringe upon another’s life
Their happiness reduced
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

A life filled with tranquility
Is offered to us all
Focus on the good in life
To the side the bad will fall
Spread good vibrations everywhere
Give another’s life a boost
Karma dictates all good deeds
Will soon come home to roost


8 thoughts on “Karma Dictates

    • Thank you Lauren. I’m finally getting a little more time to put into writing. Hope to be back more often. I’ve missed reading your’s and other’s work as much as writing my own. Feels good to have my finger back in the cookie dough! LOL

    • Thanks Eric. Just seems to me that if people would worry about themselves, and let others be, so much negative energy would be eliminated. I think I’ve finally turned the corner on time. Hope to be back more now. Miss reading your work.

    • Thanks Jane. All the craziness you see on the net really makes me wonder if some people have any idea what they are doing to each other and others. Even being an optimist… sometimes things are just so “out there” I can find no good in them.

  1. Hi Steve,

    I thought I’d stop by and see if I missed anything! WP has given me some glitches lately, but I see that I haven’t. Anyway, hope you’re doing well and see you soon! Lauren 🙂

    • Good to hear from you. I’ve been sidetracked for many months taking care of Pat’s dad, working on both Pat’s and my cabins, doing some work on Pat’s dad’s house. Hard to find quiet time to write poetry. My mind works so fast, I have to have quiet in order to get thoughts down so I can put them into something that makes sense… at least to me. LOL Hope you’re doing well also. I have posted a few things in “My Thoughts”… some of this political stuff really gets under my skin. Not much for not saying what I feel, so I kinda let it all hang out. ‘~’
      Stay healthy and happy. Steve

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