Life on the Trail

This is for “Bugs”; a fighter, one of a kind, creator of incredible art, photographer, a good man… and my friend.  Keep up the good fight Bugs!!!

The smell
as familiar as that morning cup of coffee
enjoyed while listening to the serenade
of bacon dancing on the cast iron skillet
in perfect harmony with the rhythm of bubbling beans…
and the smell of fresh-baked biscuits beckons you

The herd
nature’s call apparent with nowhere to hide
the sound of cattle moving about, louder by the minute
the morning’s symphony overtaken…
sweet smells of breakfast fade
as you leave the pot behind

has left its mark
the heavy odor of wet horse-flesh
blending with the smell of the herd
all remaining memories of breakfast erased
only the smell of work remains

from a night of cold and a hard uneven bed
makes you wonder why you signed up
the saddle wearing itself into your thighs
blisters telling you the story of this trip
with each step taken

with the cool, muddy water
pulled from a hole filled with cattle’s feet and horse’s snouts
taking all into your canteen
water, the magic elixir restores life
you push on tonguing grit from between your teeth

after another meal of morning’s beans and biscuits
comes quickly, to be interrupted by the watch
two hours sleep, two hours watch, and maybe
the previous days wear will allow you two more hours of rest
the smell of coffee and bacon brings you to your senses…


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