Karma Dictates

I see the madness all around
Both here and far away
Life’s become commodity
While politicians play
Death, destruction entertain
Some live that morbid truth
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

So many hate and don’t know why
Blindly sowing pain
Come the fall with garden ripe
There’s nothing that’s been gained
Believers of another faith
The poison arrow loosed
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

Live your life let others be
Don’t rock the boat to hard
Throw rocks at neighbors and you’ll find
Rocks in your own back yard
Infringe upon another’s life
Their happiness reduced
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

A life filled with tranquility
Is offered to us all
Focus on the good in life
To the side the bad will fall
Spread good vibrations everywhere
Give another’s life a boost
Karma dictates all good deeds
Will soon come home to roost



He is my friend.

My Friend

My Friend

Although he is unable to talk
we have learned to communicate,
to show feelings and emotions
to do things together
to make our time valuable
to rely on each other…

Spencer… he is my friend!

Our Roadmap

Our life continues down the roadmap We have drawn…
We control where we go and what we do;
sometimes putting temporary roadblocks in the way
of where We want to be, decisions made that put us on
a scenic tour of life where we can experience
things we otherwise would not.

Roadblocks we sometimes choose call for sacrificing our timetable
yet making another’s time so much more valuable, as
we have much time left, where others do not.

We have been on this side trip for only a few short miles, but
for me, it has let me experience many miles of life…
enriching; satisfying; bringing me a new dear friend who
I will keep alive in my thoughts as time wears on.

As Pat and I continue down Our road negotiating chosen roadblocks
and living with the consequences of our choices
we build momentum to carry us
down many more miles of Our life.

Ashes to Ashes


Brasas! (Photo credit: eliazar)

Like the Sphinx
rising from the dead
a friendship rekindles
from the smoldering ashes of long ago
left unattended.

The warmth from the flames
feels different
from where each stands
heating each
in a different way.

The fire burns me
and I react swiftly
and in haste
I stir up all
that she does not want.

forest fire smoke

forest fire smoke (Photo credit: LizMarie_AK)

She pulls away
for I am on fire
and shower her
with smoke and ash…
I have smothered her.

She sends me away
to save herself from the flames
that I must extinguish
before she will let me
see her again.

Many weeks have passed;
the flames subsided
yet the risk is ever present
that even a small breeze
could the ashes re-ignite.

With caution
I engage her
to trust me
that I will not
offend her senses.

Feelings and emotions
so strong
as to make these weeks
without her
feel like a lifetime.