Life is the Same Yet Different

This is Maine, weather will change in 10 minutes

This is Maine, weather will change in 10 minutes

We judge from what we see
without rose-colored glasses
within our tiny world
that which does not affect us
things that do not impact our lives…
invisible to most.

Nor-easter building

Nor-easter building

Our life’s routines have dug trenches
walls blocking our view,
we are unaware of our surroundings …
those things far off beckoning us to dream
some close enough to reach out and touch…
if we could only look up, look out, and see.

Early morning at camp.

Early morning at camp.

My view of life is always the same
yet it is always different…
each morning changes from day-to-day
month-to-month, season-to-season.
I have shed the shackles of mundaneness
breached the trenched walls
and see there is life to live.

Fish are waitin', my tip-ups I'm baiten'!

Fish are waitin’, my tip-ups I’m baiten’!


Waiting for Winter

Winter gone a few months
already I look forward to its return
those snowy months marked
with cold days and freezing nights
hotter than summer sun

A comforter and flannel sheets
insulation from the cold
as we wrap ourselves together
arms and legs intertwined
bodies against each other

so much heat…
hotter than summer sun

Season’s Change

NaPoWriMo Day 13

Our winter blankets put away
the ones we can control
then one last unexpected covering found
as greens again turn white
and warm temperatures turn to cold.

Just another temporary delay
geese continue their northbound trip
trees pushing out their leafing buds
and grass leaves behind winter brown
poking through the blanket’s rips.

Trickles of water run down the road
mud puddles form on the grassy knoll
potted plants await their transfer
to garden beds of blackened earth
for now at home behind sunlit windows.

I embrace the season’s change.

Goodbye My Winter Friend

The late winter winds strain
as they push and pull tree tops
shaking off the winter coat
awakening them from their sleep…
their life blood soon to flow.

Like line-dancers…
a few starting, then more joining in
creating a wave of movement…
trees swaying in sync
as the wind plays dancing tunes.

The white blanket disappearing
will give way to new growth
as all prepare to turn
different shades of green
and winter to become a distant memory.

My Winter’s Friend

My Winter’s Friend

Like white clouds viewed from above
stretching as far as the eye can see
puffy balls of cotton inviting
a playground for our imaginations
bringing back memories of our childhood dreams.

Older now… we still see
images of things pleasing
bringing smiles as we stare
finding refuge from the days toils.

A wintry landscape shows… revealing
white blankets… soft pillows
enhancing all it surrounds
a playground for our imaginations
memories and desires given new life.

A welcome mat,  inviting all
so many ways to immerse one’s self
in the opportunities it offers.
The feel of its sting as it caresses us
a reprieve from the summer heat…
my winter friend… snow.