I Left Behind

I left behind…
crowds and traffic, pollution and noise
unruly gang-bangers with their gang-banger toys
long lines at markets, long lines at lights
long lines for parking, long lines day and night
gun play each evening, graffiti and more
I left for the country, my sanity to restore.
Now peace and quiet, with hills and with trees
my ears are enjoying the brooks and the breeze
spring brings the greens, they last all summer long
colors are showing when fall comes to town
and winter’s white blanket covering the ground…
peace I have searched for… tranquility I found.


Core Samples (long and short versions)


Cut (Photo credit: tizianoj)

I lay on the platform
and see the first of many bamboo shoots
poking through my stomach wall.
Another starts its slow and painful journey
as I feel it pierce
my back’s skin.

Bamboo through my stomach wall
another starts its slow and painful journey
too slow my end comes.