“The Pouring” from my book Anthology Of A One-Sided Love Affair

With good intentions
I emptied my heart;
feelings and emotions flowed
like molten metal poured,
not knowing
will she be burned
or take pleasure
in it’s final form?

I wait;
smoke and spark
filling space and time
dissipating slowly.
I can see her
and wait again.
Burned or pleased?
Time, such an unforgiving force.


My Winter’s Friend

My Winter’s Friend

Like white clouds viewed from above
stretching as far as the eye can see
puffy balls of cotton inviting
a playground for our imaginations
bringing back memories of our childhood dreams.

Older now… we still see
images of things pleasing
bringing smiles as we stare
finding refuge from the days toils.

A wintry landscape shows… revealing
white blankets… soft pillows
enhancing all it surrounds
a playground for our imaginations
memories and desires given new life.

A welcome mat,  inviting all
so many ways to immerse one’s self
in the opportunities it offers.
The feel of its sting as it caresses us
a reprieve from the summer heat…
my winter friend… snow.

A small sampling of what lies in store beneath the cover of “Anthology of a One-sided Love Affair”

“Truth has turned against me as it can be overpowering… When she asked me a question I told the truth, knowing it would be more than she wanted to hear. Sometimes I wish I had been less than truthful…”.
I fell in love; she did not. An affair, one-sided and short lived, brings many things; temporary euphoria, excitement, intimacy, energy, and purpose. It can also bring pain when you discover you were the only party to it, and disappointment to others in your life. Weigh carefully what you stand to lose versus what you think you will gain. When the dust settles, much could be lost.”