I wake to see
a peaceful face
surrounded by comforters
in a heavy sleep
and I am happy.

Minutes pass
and I am still watching;
and like the morning sunrise
her peacefulness spreads to me
and brings me warmth.

As if a master’s painting
I cannot look away
and smile as I take in
the beauty of her face…
a masterpiece.

She wakes
and this picture fills with life.
I relish in the thought
that I will be with her this day;
an angel watches over me.

As the day draws to a close
remembering all we have done
I smile again,
and think, what a lucky man
who this woman would have.


Life in Black and White

So many meanings does this have
of people’s color, of right and wrong…
so set are we, we cannot see
past the surface of things
missing so much

Rose colored glasses add only illusion
a disguise for how we perceive
as we fool only ourselves;
cast in concrete our beliefs
all that could be escapes us

Easels offer what could be…
a sample of what is
if we would only acknowledge
there is more than status quo
a rainbow awaits us.

They Call This Life

cloud clear thought
better days remembered as
today weighs heavily on our backs

Simplicity gone
common sense erased
as nothing new makes sense
we lie at the bottom
of the hill of muck
unable to make progress
the few determined pulled back
for no one wants to wallow
in the pigsty alone

The new philosophy…
let the few keep the many down
that they have all
and the rest have nothing
to squabble over.

Listen to the Lion

Unlike a pack of wolves…
a long hard winter behind them
they hunt for any free scrap
taking from wherever they can
for they know not of ownership.

Like the bear and the monkey
taught to take handouts
feeding on the poison offered
they have forgotten how to feed themselves
forgotten… the ways of hunting and cooperation
their world out of balance.

Now lazy and lackadaisical
they eke out an existence
bare minimums met, the
smell of impending death
permeates their dens, leaking out
into the surrounding air
telling all others of their plight…

There is nothing left…
all has been taken and consumed
yet knowing offspring have no chance
litters are dropped at increasing rates
and the lion lauds the animal-welfare state.



The Things We Do

Actions always speak louder than words
all leaving messages
from the flagrant to the finite
from the rough to the gentle
careful we must be when
speaking with our actions.

There is a time when our actions
are thought out and deliberate
leaving little room for misunderstanding…
a show of feelings and emotions.

to find those electrodes
setting of uncontrollable pulses
leaving nothing to chance
with intent to please our partners
a show of love and closeness…

The things we do.

Life is the Same Yet Different

This is Maine, weather will change in 10 minutes

This is Maine, weather will change in 10 minutes

We judge from what we see
without rose-colored glasses
within our tiny world
that which does not affect us
things that do not impact our lives…
invisible to most.

Nor-easter building

Nor-easter building

Our life’s routines have dug trenches
walls blocking our view,
we are unaware of our surroundings …
those things far off beckoning us to dream
some close enough to reach out and touch…
if we could only look up, look out, and see.

Early morning at camp.

Early morning at camp.

My view of life is always the same
yet it is always different…
each morning changes from day-to-day
month-to-month, season-to-season.
I have shed the shackles of mundaneness
breached the trenched walls
and see there is life to live.

Fish are waitin', my tip-ups I'm baiten'!

Fish are waitin’, my tip-ups I’m baiten’!