I look deep into my mind’s eye
a cauldron of all things past
a cauldron of all things to come
and a shiver runs down my spine.
The game never changes
only the players differ
and the outcome is always the same.
The keystones that have supported
all we hold dear being removed
one stone at a time…
and our foundation is ready to falter;
such a monument to what has been
and what could continue to be for
all who are willing to be a part;
only the self-chosen cannot
stand to have less than all
and will destroy all they cannot have.

What will people a thousand years from now
think of us; who had everything,
yet didn’t have enough, leaving only remnants
as pieces to the puzzle, and the question
is always the same…



Oh Hell

Well, I’m already behind due to internet problems, now I’ll be down until sometime Monday… the dog chewed the end off the charging cord for the computer. Need to run to town for a replacement plug.


little or big
have their purpose
making up all things;
conjuring up
in the mind’s eye…
one of life’s little puzzles.

Each piece its part to play
adding something special;
and lack thereof,
a great loss could be
the end result.

A year invested
looking for parcels
in such variety…
a smorgasbord to make
of life.

I have found all I desire
all in one
in such abundance
each bite of life better
than the one before.

It’s Your Party

You didn’t see, and hadn’t for a long time
which made comprehension a difficult thing
and you did not know why you found that
eye to eye everything was blurry; and hoped
the laser would do its work.

The cornea reshaped, sight was improved…
tired of arguments over your view of life
you had longed to see the same things as others
with clarity; but found as you looked over the same
with friends and family, still you did not see eye to eye;
and found everything still to be… as clear as mud like
looking out life’s window as thousands of droplets
of water ran down confounding the picture…
although right in front of you, you could not see.

Only when it had become too late; the damage done
did you comprehended the consequences of your actions
and saw what others had seen all along; did you wish
to hide the fact that your mind contorted your view
like a thousand droplets of water running down…
you could always see, but chose not to…
your desire to fix all that you perceived to be wrong
conflicted with rational thought… your mind confounded
by your droplets of irrationality clouding vision…
is it any wonder you never saw eye to eye?