Karma Dictates

I see the madness all around
Both here and far away
Life’s become commodity
While politicians play
Death, destruction entertain
Some live that morbid truth
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

So many hate and don’t know why
Blindly sowing pain
Come the fall with garden ripe
There’s nothing that’s been gained
Believers of another faith
The poison arrow loosed
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

Live your life let others be
Don’t rock the boat to hard
Throw rocks at neighbors and you’ll find
Rocks in your own back yard
Infringe upon another’s life
Their happiness reduced
Karma dictates consequence
Will soon come home to roost

A life filled with tranquility
Is offered to us all
Focus on the good in life
To the side the bad will fall
Spread good vibrations everywhere
Give another’s life a boost
Karma dictates all good deeds
Will soon come home to roost


Up-Comings Due and Payable

Sitting at the desk
his mind somewhat dazed
as he finishes his breakfast
trying to remember this day’s agenda.
He can hear people outside…
the excitement growing
as entrepreneurs make a steady dollar
and the call for cold beer resounds.
His mind somewhat dazed
he cannot remember the occasion
but he fills with a false pride
as he recalls all the things he has done.

Organizing those who believed the lies
marring the enemy with twisted tales
dismantling institutions of long ago;
replacing them with a free-reign circus
creating animosity where it had calmed
pitting his victims against each other
while he and his cronies made money;
payments from the oppressed as he
promised… change…
they were too predisposed to realize
they were living his brand of change.

His thoughts rudely disrupted…
with a swat on his arm
an invitation to follow;
he is told the crowds await his arrival.
He remembers all the times
he was cheered and bowed to
standing ovations fit for a king
revered and protected by so many.
He enters his arena and revels in the cheers
used to being escorted, he follows
and, in usual fashion jogs up the stairs
waving to all as the cheers grow louder.

In his stupor, he sees an award of some sort
a man hanging the monstrosity around his neck
he is asked to speak and does not disappoint
emboldened by the crowd’s reaction, he continues
so smitten with himself he does not see
cheers of old have been replaced with jeers of new.
Clarity grabs him, shaking him from his daze
the last words he hears searing like red-hot pokers
pushed through his ears…
“may God have mercy on his soul”.

He remembers today, and time slows…
he feels the floor open below him
his weight forcing him down
bound like an animal he cannot move.
All misdeeds revisit and understanding comes
he is disgusted with his life, but is left with
no chance to apologize, to make right his wrongs
he begs for forgiveness from the one he rejected
for he knows no virgins await him.
As the rope tightens and he feels the crack
his last vision… looking down to see
the devil awaiting him with outstretched arms…
His debt…
to be repaid through eternity.

Time Spent Wisely

It runs, twisting, turning
on an endless course
as if trying to find something…
conjuring up an image of
youngsters frantically going through
index files in the school library;

perhaps a key punch operator
trying to decipher what was just entered
on a blank computer card; or
going through a Sears and Roebuck catalog
looking for that one particular item.

No… it is my mind’s eye
on a journey, traveling through memories
of what makes me who I am
giving meaning to why I am here…
reminding me of things done badly
and lessons learned;
things done well, and things not done at all
as I strive to be worthy
of the time given me.

Welcome to the Abyss

NaPoWriMo Day 12

Trust earned by actions taken
with fairness and consideration
given to all deserving;
preserving all freedoms secured
written in the blood of our forefathers
and defended for generations;

Sacred, the oath taken
as one takes the place as leader
a country’s worth of trust
placed at your feet
with expectations you would do right
and reject temptations of corruption.

Preserving our customs and heritage in total
protecting our lands from foreign invaders
and our foreign service members from harm
leaving no rock unturned investigating heinous acts
against our representatives overseas
sharing truth with those you serve.

Communicating with humility with those you serve
putting their interests and concerns
ahead of your own and those of your benefactors
ensuring the stability of the people’s money system
giving jobs in our homeland to Americans
forcing foreign workers to find work elsewhere.

Using rationale rather than emotional thought
to direct your efforts in fixing those things broken
and not reinventing the wheel, an expensive proposition
causing more efficient and effective commerce
within various industries crucial
giving all security and prosperity.

Mr. President…
the complete opposite of who and what you are.

The Untruth

NaPoWriMo Day 2

It starts…
barely noticeable,
singular in its count
such a small thing which goes unnoticed.

Lonely, it seeks companionship and protection
not realizing
it is safest in its lonely world
capable of life internal, left unexposed.

Its need for help is at first tolerable
but soon grows stronger
its need to reproduce overwhelming
as it seeks others similar to itself
many always stronger than one.

Its need to survive…
something known by all living things
requires larger numbers
each one defending the others
from any who would challenge
bringing its end.

This is truth… about a lie.